Another year has gone (how time flies when you’re having fun). The numbers are still staying strong, this last year we have seen 4 Scouts outgrow the ship and move on up to either Explorer Scouts or on to do their own things outside of Scouting.

We are getting a good gentle flow of Cubs up from the Cub Section and we also find ourselves getting a few off the street from time to time. With that, the numbers within the section are remaining in the mid-teens. The ship is still staying afloat.

The Scouts over the past year have been undergoing all the usual Scouting activities and learning all the basic skills, from putting up tents, knife and axe work, knots and generally keeping out of mischief (most of the time). All of which will hopefully stand them in good stead for future Scouting.

The Scouts have also been brushing up on their mapping skills, fingers crossed they will not get lost in any future hikes we do.

The Scouts have also undertaken a number of cooking challenges and so far, so good, not one Scout or Leader has had food poisoning. Let’s just hope that the Scouts continue their excellent cooking into the following years to come.

We did a couple of camps last year which included a very wet Pledge Plod camp in October (oh the joys of a wet patrol tent).

They have also been undergoing lots of activity badges through the winter months, including the Media Badge, Communicator Badge, Fire Safety, First Aid and the new Teamwork and Team Leader Challenge badges.

And we had our annual trip to Lazer Quest in Stourbridge (I clearly do not play enough Call of Duty!)

Things within the Scout Section are going from strength to strength and I know that over the next two years the numbers will continue to increase. Which means we could do with a couple more pair of hands to help out on some nights or even camps. Two of my fantastic Leaders will be going away to university come September, and as I have stressed to them education comes before Scouting. Chris Fisher, another Leader with the Scout section is also currently at university locally but struggles to get to Scouts on a Thursday night at the moment. So, as you can see come September we could do with a couple more adults just to help us manage the numbers in the Scout Section. You never know, you might know someone who could help us out…….?

Finally, many thanks to all those who have helped us throughout the Scouting Year.

Many thanks to Will, Chris, Scott, Emily, Sam and Ben. And also to Pete for his continued help and support of the section.

Matthew Whitehead (SKIP)
(Scout Leader)

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