What a fantastic year this year we have had, covering all aspects of Beaver Scouting.

Several beavers scouts have gained their bronze award which is the highest award Beaver scouts can gain, so well done to all who achieved this marvellous challenge

During this year we have visited Tesco, made friends at the fire station, had a fun in the dark for a Halloween party at Rhydd Covert, went to Pets at home with lots of hands on experiences, enjoyed an evening about the Chinese New Year and went on a district camp at Rhydd Covert where the Beavers slept in tents for the first time, one or two of the beavers had a last minute change of mind so ferrying them to parents in the middle of the night was interesting. We also had a wonderful evening Map reading at Rhydd Covert and studied flags and cultures of the world, we even had a Bee lady come to visit us bringing lots to look at and taste.

We took part in the 30 years of beaver scouts challenge, did some camp fire cooking and made bivouacs. Ashley our chairman organised the Santa Safari to open just for us where the Beaver scouts all choose their own presents, thank you Ashley. We sorted and delivered scout post in the district which helped us to raise much needed funds for the group. so far this year we have attended the St George’s Day Parade and won the trophy at the Cyclo X again!!

Finally, I would like to thank the fantastic leader team, Tic-Tac, Big Brown Beaver, Bubbles, Sunshine and Ringtail who work tirelessly to make our programme exciting and of course the wonderful Beaver Scouts who try everything we offer during them at our meetings

Marie Painter – Beaver scout leader

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