In looking through the vast amount of activities, experiences and opportunities to have FUN I realise just how much work, commitment and support all the members of my leader team have put in over these past 12 months to make the ideas and plans happen as successfully as they have done.

So please join me in saying a big, big thank you to: Kaa (Craig Wood), Haiti (Jim Clarke), Raksha (Laura Perks), Baloo (Henry Budden), Chil (Alex Briney), Bagheera (Will Turner) and Lynn Griffin.

I can assure you this is a team of excellence; without each one working as hard as they have our Cub Pack would not be growing like it is, would not be having all the superb experiences they are and your Akela would not have had his Scouting life energised like it has been. THANK YOU TEAM!

So when you hear the conversations about how superb cooking on an open fire was, how knot tying was so confusing, how exciting grass sledging was especially watching the leaders having a go, how much fun getting wet on and around the water slide was, what an entertaining night the cubs themselves produced for parents and leaders alike OR the determination to be the first to climb to the top of the climbing wall in the new Leisure Centre OR about the brilliant Circus Cub Camp with its parade & evening of stalls; OR about walking around the Rifle Range in the wet to raise much needed funds for our Group, OR about eating food from various countries, having fun with science ideas, sleeping over in the Sea Life Centre, experiencing an Australian Christmas party dressed in shorts/ T-shirts & flip flops and eating ice cream & chips in December! OR earning the Athlete’s Badge, The Fire Safety Badge with the visit to Tesco’s and the Fire Station, the Local Knowledge Badge with the visits to the Town Hall and the Carpet Museum and the making of a map of our local area you know who is responsible and who to shake by the hand and say well done and thank you.

You may even see the pride of parents watching swim ups at the Colony Meeting, watching new Cub Scouts being invested and having to say their law & promise in front of their fellow pack members or in hearing how their sons have done things they never thought they would and how their sons have grown/shot up since joining the pack. Sound familiar? You know who are responsible, you know who to thank. But this is not the end. No far, far from it!

Our new programme is in place; again it’s full of excitement, challenge and experiences not to be found anywhere else. District Cub Badge camp is only a few days away which sees 15 of our pack and the whole leader team enjoying the delights of the great outdoors. Yes the whole leader team including our very newest member. One of our mum’s has agreed to help our Cub Scouts, to make sure they get the very best from our weekly programme. So do join me in welcoming Eloise into our team. Her enthusiasm is proving contagious.
She has seen the need and acted. How about you? You will not regret it!

Akela – Pete Williams

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